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i8tonite with Keto Author Lindsay Boyers & Recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu

With nine books and thousands of articles published across the internet, Lindsay Boyers, CHNC, is a seasoned author. Lindsay’s latest publication, The Everything Keto Diet Meal Prep Cookbook, is a new foray, as she breeches the world of published recipes. The cookbook highlights Lindsay’s stance on health and nutrition, positing a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle needn’t […]

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i8tonite with The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy Author Andy Heidel & Star Killer Chicken Recipe
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i8tonite with The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy Author Andy Heidel & Star Killer Chicken Recipe

Perhaps you’ve found your way through time and space to The Way Station, the celebrated Doctor Who Bar in Brooklyn. Or, perhaps you’ve been tinkering with cocktails for years to find that perfect match for your fandom celebrations. Or maybe you’re just looking for a great guide to creative, intriguing cocktails. You’re in the right […]

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i8tonite with Traverse City’s amical Chef David J. Denison & Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
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i8tonite with Traverse City’s amical Chef Dave Denison & Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Traverse City, Michigan is a special place. Globally known as an incredibly beautiful location, there’s so much more to Traverse City than Sleeping Bear Dunes, named the most beautiful place in America. It seems that everyone here loves food, as you can tell from the array of incredible restaurants, second homes of well-known chefs, and […]

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i8tonite with Napa's Chef Sean O'Toole of TORC & Recipe for Sumac and Za'atar Roasted Chicken
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i8tonite with Napa’s Chef Sean O’Toole of TORC & Recipe for Sumac and Za’atar Roasted Chicken

Sean O’Toole, the chef/owner of critically acclaimed TORC in downtown Napa, developed a passion for locally farmed produce early on in his cooking career. Originally from Massachusetts, O’Toole has a broad understanding of global cuisines and techniques as well as a deep appreciation of locally sourced, artisanal foods. Over the course of his cooking career, […]

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Husbandry at Hateful Acres
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i8tonite: Farm Musings – Husbandry at Hateful Acres

This is part of the on-going series on Food Musings written by award-winning poet and writer, Julie Fisher. She is also  the founder of Litmore, Baltimore’s Center for the Literary Arts.  *** “The industrial mind is a mind without compunction; it simply accepts that people, ultimately, will be treated as things and that things, ultimately will be […]

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My Stepmother’s Filipino Chicken Adobo

My Stepmother’s Filipino Chicken was a popular post. I’m sort of rethinking how often I write these as I’m finding three times a week is a bit much.  Tell me your thoughts.  I called my father to wish him a happy birthday. He’s hard of hearing now, so I’m screaming into the phone. He still […]

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I8tonite: Aromatic Chicken and Goodbye to Hollywood

I’ve feel I’ve discovered something about myself; as much as I love the idea of being a steady beacon in a sea of waves, I might be incapable of it.  I mean being that stay-in-one-spot type of person.  I think that’s what a parent is, someone that you know will be there. I see that […]

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Farmers Market Recipe

Pantry Preferences: Plainly Preferred

As a home cook, I choose my recipes very carefully. I want them to be simple. I don’t need to have toasted fennel seeds, combined with homemade harissa, needing to stir the pot every 30 minutes to make sure the reduction is only reduced by a quarter. I’m sure most of us look at recipes […]

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Yucatan Chicken Dinner Party with Mark and Mary

Being a single person, I admit that I like cooking for myself. I don’t have to worry about someone saying, “That’s too much of this!” or “Don’t put that in!”. I really enjoy the freedom of not hearing another voice. First, I have more voices in my head then Sybil and, second, I think if […]

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