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Lettuce Eat Lettuce, Then Lettuce Talk About Sex (Kidding about the second part!)

Lettuce is one of those funny foods that I don’t think anyone really thinks about. There was a time when it was just diet food, especially the much maligned iceberg. Iceberg is not the most nutritious,but it’s so edible and fun. You can use it in place of taco shells, make cole slaw, use it […]

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Farmers Market Haul, Eating With Friends, & His Creamy Threesome Dip (for lack of a better name)

The Farmers Market was a light vegetable haul today. Partially, because I haven’t had time to really put my menu together for the week ahead. As noted in a previous post, I burned two dinners. However, I did purchase a lot of lettuces at the market. I love the summer for lettuces. It’s an easy […]

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Farmers Market Haul and Lulu’s Gardening Class

Let’s begin with lovely Lulu’s gardening class before we get to Farmers Market Haul. Shelley, Lauren, one of Lulu’s co-workers and Lauren’s husband, Chris, along with me, were students in Lulu’s backyard for her first-ever gardening class. Lu has been gardening since she was a child back in her homestate of Pennsylvania. It was always […]

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Meatless Monday: Grilled Caesar Salad (just Meatless) and Family Suppers

It’s a funny thing about Caesar Salads. They bring me right back to waiting tables/bartending or working in a restaurant kitchen. Many of the “family meals” when I worked in restaurants consisted of a salad, burgers, pizza or pasta. There was never any of the slaved over staff dinners that is being touted in the […]

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….at David’s: Rubbed Pork Chops and Grilled Radicchio

May is National Salad Month, which to my less than haute cuisine mind (I grew up on canned beans and Hamburger Helper) means salads of lettuces and maybe another variety of vegetable tossed with a dairy dressing (mix in a little packet of dried herbs from a non-existant Ranch). As I grew up and became […]

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