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Noblesville Historic Courthouse, built between 19877 and 1879.
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Mean Streets of Hollywood to Sweet Noblesville, Indiana

Kate Baker, Executive Director of Noblesville Main Street, Takes I8tonite on a tour of her town.

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My Indy Neighbor Makes the Best Jerk Chicken

My neighbor makes the best jerk chicken.

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2023 Gratitude, A Love Letter from Indy

Someone asked me if I liked living in Indianapolis. I won’t lie, I do. It’s an easy place to live. The cost of living is low. And, I genuinely love the Midwestern sky even when it’s a wintry gray; though, as I type this, instead of being a cold industrial hue, it’s the color of […]

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Pot Roast & Kisses: Indiana’s Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Sings the Blues about Love and Food

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band from Brown County, Indiana, is a chart-topping three-piece American country blues group, having reached number one on iTunes and Billboard with their latest, “Dance Songs for Hard Times.”  Guitarist and singer Reverend Peyton, along with his wife, the beguiling Breezy, a washboard-playing maestro, and drummer Max Senteney much of their […]

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I8tonite: Final Top Three Favorite 2023 Indy Eating Experiences

The final three favorites restaurant experiences for 2023.

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i8tonite: Top Favorites Eats, 2023: Delicious, Easy Recipe for Hasselback Potatoes

Our favorite meals over the last year. And a Thanksgiving Hasselback Potato Recipe. I spoke to a born and bred Hoosier who said to me, “Hoosiers are humble. We don’t talk about the great things we offer.” In today’s day and age of marketing and promotion, no one wants to dine at your table if […]

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I8tonite Countdown, The Top 8: Favorite Midwest Eats 2023.

Or, How My Pants Stopped Fitting. The New York Times, my favorite daily read, published their third annual The Restaurant List: The 50 places in the United States that we’re most excited about right now” in September. While the title implies coverage of 50 states, they only selected restaurants in 28 states, doubling or tripling […]

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Goodie, Goodie, Gluten Free

Learning How to Make GF Sea Salt Pecan Bars with Indy’s GF Lady, Lydia Bootz Armstrong. When we moved to Indianapolis from Southern California, we had already been on a gluten-free diet for several years. Before being diagnosed with celiac, doctors couldn’t understand my partner’s overwhelming gastrointestinal pain. The outcome was celiac, which now seems […]

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i8tonite: Filipino Food in Indy? Yes! And Noodles, too!

Chef Carlos Salazar is changing how Midwesterners eat, one dumpling at a time.

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I8tonite: Media Maven Jennifer Magley & Her Grandmother’s Delicious Rolls

When I first met Jennifer Magley at an event, she offered huge smiles, genuine warmth, displayed a brilliant fashion sense all while listening to an old fart (me) prattle on about nonsense. That very morning, her company downsized leaving her without work. To her credit, she showed grit and resilience by coming out to make […]

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