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Beautiful, Longer Days: Foraging for Wild Onions & Garlic

Foraging for wild garlic and onions during Imbolc, a Celtic tradition.

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Noblesville Historic Courthouse, built between 19877 and 1879.
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Mean Streets of Hollywood to Sweet Noblesville, Indiana

Kate Baker, Executive Director of Noblesville Main Street, Takes I8tonite on a tour of her town.

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My Indy Neighbor Makes the Best Jerk Chicken

My neighbor makes the best jerk chicken.

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2023 Gratitude, A Love Letter from Indy

Someone asked me if I liked living in Indianapolis. I won’t lie, I do. It’s an easy place to live. The cost of living is low. And, I genuinely love the Midwestern sky even when it’s a wintry gray; though, as I type this, instead of being a cold industrial hue, it’s the color of […]

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Pot Roast & Kisses: Indiana’s Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Sings the Blues about Love and Food

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band from Brown County, Indiana, is a chart-topping three-piece American country blues group, having reached number one on iTunes and Billboard with their latest, “Dance Songs for Hard Times.”  Guitarist and singer Reverend Peyton, along with his wife, the beguiling Breezy, a washboard-playing maestro, and drummer Max Senteney much of their […]

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I8tonite: Media Maven Jennifer Magley & Her Grandmother’s Delicious Rolls

When I first met Jennifer Magley at an event, she offered huge smiles, genuine warmth, displayed a brilliant fashion sense all while listening to an old fart (me) prattle on about nonsense. That very morning, her company downsized leaving her without work. To her credit, she showed grit and resilience by coming out to make […]

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Abby Breece
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I8tonite Learns from IG Entrepreneur Abby Breece

Thrifting, Parenthood and the Joys of Living in Indy; Plus, a Spicy & Sweet Hand Tart Recipe I first met Abby Breece, 36, and her husband, Eric, as neighbors when Nick and I moved to Indianapolis. The mid-thirties duo allowed us to glom onto them since this was my first time living anywhere in the […]

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i8tonite with Keto Author Lindsay Boyers & Recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu

With nine books and thousands of articles published across the internet, Lindsay Boyers, CHNC, is a seasoned author. Lindsay’s latest publication, The Everything Keto Diet Meal Prep Cookbook, is a new foray, as she breeches the world of published recipes. The cookbook highlights Lindsay’s stance on health and nutrition, positing a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle needn’t […]

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I8tonite: A New York Pizza Experience

On a recent work trip to the Big Apple, I found myself working voraciously from one area of the boroughs to another, with only an opportunity to grab a quick slice of pizza for lunch, before hailing an Uber (Who takes cabs?) or jumping on the subway, repeating this action until dinner. I did this […]

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i8tonite with LA Cheese Tea Entrepreneur Jenny Zheng & Recipe for Cheese Tea

Get ready, readers! Cheese Tea is a new and interesting drink…boba with a twist! Have you tried it yet? What do you think? Jenny Zheng, 25, is the Founder of Little Fluffy Head Cafe, one of the first cheese tea boba shops in Los Angeles of its kind. She graduated from the University of California […]

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