i8tonite with Elia Miami's Chef Dimitri Harvalis & Recipe for Papoutsakia
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i8tonite with Elia Miami’s Chef Dimitri Harvalis & Recipe for Papoutsakia

Born in Athens, Greece, Chef Dmitri Harvalis followed his mother to New York City at the age of seventeen. He never went back. Although not fond of the Big Apple, he had already started a love affair with Miami. It was the warm air and white sand of the North American peninsula that captured his […]

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i8tonite: with South Beach’s Meat Market Chef Sean Brasel and his Asian BBQ Lamb Ribs

There is something about South Beach Meat Market’s Chef Sean Brasel which reminds one of a Western movie actor.  His laconic descriptions about living in Colorado, tinged with the Midwest accent, bring to mind Clint Eastwood or John Wayne, a man of few words who allows his actions to speak, rather than blathering like a […]

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I8tonite with Miami’s Drunken Dragon Chef Xavier Torres: Recipe for Drunken Dragon Popcorn

Drunken Dragon Chef Xavier Torres cooked for both for his mother and brother while growing up in Puerto Rico.  It’s what he loved to do. With his family’s support, the well-traveled chef sought out new flavors and cooking opportunities —  but every step of the way his family had his back. In 2014, the Johnson […]

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