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My Favorite Dishes of 2016

As 2016 began, it was planned that Nick, me and the kids — Holly, the 11-year-old pitbull and our 7-year-old Frenchie, JJ — were moving to Denver from Phoenix. Our intention after twelve months in the Sonoran Desert was to relocate to the Mile High City for his work. Our last stop was the Rocky […]

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i8tonite with SymmetryBreakfast's Michael Zee and Idli Recipe
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i8tonite with SymmetryBreakfast’s Michael Zee and Idli Recipe

When I asked Michael Zee, author of the incredibly beautiful cookbook and popular Instagram, SymmetryBreakfast, what inspired him each morning, to create such lovely meals? Well, I bet you won’t be surprised by his answer: “I love to cook a lovely meal for Mark to make breakfast a special moment for both of us.” SymmetryBreakfast incorporates […]

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Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo. From History of Kalamazoo at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. From i8tonite: A Cheat Sheet to Eating in Kalamazoo
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i8tonite: A Cheat Sheet to Eating in Kalamazoo

You may have heard of Kalamazoo from one of the many popular songs about the city – from Glenn Miller to Ben Folds Five to my favorite, Walt Kelly’s Deck Us All with Boston Charlie – or poems, including one by Carl Sandberg. Kalamazoo has many nicknames, including Windmill City, Celery City, Mall City, and […]

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I8tonite: Turkey & Sweet Potato Hash and Becoming an Arizonian

I’m an official resident of Arizona today. Changed over my California driver’s license, an anxiety producing event. I find anything automobile-related makes my heart feel as if it’s at an Indy 500 speed. While driving in circles trying to listen to Ms. GPS exact DMV’s location – in Arizona, it’s called MVD — it dawned […]

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i8tonite: With Chef Chris Hill of Bachelor Kitchen

Editor’s Note:  Still in the City of Angels where I’ve had extraordinary dining experiences.  I’m wrapping it up tomorrow and headed home.  Los Angeles was always a good city for me and I ate very well with friends. That’s what I will remember the most. Atlanta born chef Chris Hill  created his name in the […]

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Chips Favorites

My Favorite Tortilla Chip (With or Without the Salsa)

Recently, I was at LA’s Farmers Market at The Grove buying some vegetables from Farm Fresh Produce. It’s one of the vegetable stands that’s been in the market for more than 50 years. It’s my go-to veggie hook-up when I missed my normal Sunday farmers market or need something additional throughout the week. (It’s either […]

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